Toplist Voter

Toplist voter app which is providing its services constantly since 8+ years with constant updates and powerful features. Easy to use, no complicated settings to do, built-in logic with threads and wait time which is making this app really easy to use

This vote bot is specifically designed for the game server owners who want to increase their game plays. Easiest way to get players for your server is ranking at top on topsites like xtremetop100, topg, top100arena, arena-top100, rsps-list and many others. Daily thousands of players come there to find out good gaming servers and there are higher chance that you get good players from there. But ranking at top is not easy. Most of top ranked servers are using some kind of automation or bots to keep their rank at top. And now you can do the same by using toplist voter, here is our test review and more information.

Most of us prefer app with easy interface which shouldn't be difficult to understand but still give the effective result or powerful to achieve main objective of using it. Mostly online marketing app consists of some typical settings like threads and wait time and with all different settings, you get different result. Fortunately, that's not the case with toplist vote bot. It consists all this threading and wait time logic inside it and still if you want customization than you can use your own thread & wait time settings with it, so, that's the flexibility of it. Furthermore, it is smart enough to bypass most of the voting page's logic and bypass captcha verification using most of any top captcha solving services. You can use any type of proxies with it and according to our test, we found some interesting stuff with this vote bot which is, some proxies failed or won't work with other vote bots but toplist voter easily handles those proxies and successfully vote using it and also defends the voting logic without disclosing footsteps of proxy voting. So, failing rate of proxies with this vote bot app is really low. It also provides verified list of proxy provider to purchase proxies from, so, you don't need to spend time find one.

For a real result we tested it over xtremetop100 and we found that if you want to rank on top at xtremetop100 than you must need to use vote bot. without vote bot it's impossible to rank at top on xtremetop100 because of their method of counting votes. xtremetop100 prefer max 1 or 2 votes per every 3 to 4 minutes from different user. we started our test by adding our voting links and detail, added proxies from proxyrack, added 2captcha API key and started voting process. We kept vote bot running 24x7 at our RDP for about 2 days and we got ~900 votes and ranked at #2 in our server's game category and our server also started to show at the 1st page of xtremetop100. we also monitored the benefit of voting over xtremetop100 which gave us 15 new players in 2 days for our game server. So, that the cool, if you are looking for the best xtremetop100 vote bot than this app will be your ultimate choice. Check out all top features and video guide below.

Top Features:

  • Supports xtremetop100, topg, top100arena, rsps-list, arena-top100, metin2pserver & many others
  • Built in proxy checker & support all public and private proxies with username-password authentication including socks5, socks4, socks4a and HTTP(s) proxies
  • Able to vote on more than 1 topsite at the sametime and can send unlimited votes on any supported topsites as long as your proxies end up
  • Inteligent cookie & cache management and consumes less RAM and other computer resources that makes it suitable to run for 24x7 over RDP for constant voting
  • Supported captcha solving services:, and

How To Use The App: